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HP Probook Touchpad Slow After Supend Ubuntu 19.04

Photo of a Laptop Touchpad

Having got used to my replacement laptop, I’ve decided to keep using it, but there was one thing annoying me - the trackpad!

The trackpad is definately not the same quality as the MacBook Pro I was used to, but I could cope as the main features are there. However, I often move around a lot going from meeting to meeting, making use of the sleep/suspend capability.

That was when the trouble started…

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Cisco Meraki Client VPN on Ubuntu 19.04/19.10/20.04

Photo of Meraki MX84 Meraki Firewall from Cisco Meraki website

With my beloved, and worn, day to day laptop having to go in for repair, I had to setup a temporary laptop to work on for a few weeks.

At work we use Cisco Meraki devices in many places, including the edge of network for our various offices. Whilst their main use is to form a mesh network around our offices and server infrastructure, we also use them to enable a lightweight Client VPN solution.

The Cisco Meraki Client VPN option provides a L2TP/IPsec based VPN using either its own internal user store, an LDAP Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, or a Radius server to authenticate users.

Cisco Meraki provide great instructions for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, but really old instructions for Linux. Therefore, I am posting this as much to remind me the next time I need to set it up as to help others.

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