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HP Probook Touchpad Slow After Supend Ubuntu 19.04

Photo of a Laptop Touchpad

Having got used to my replacement laptop, I’ve decided to keep using it, but there was one thing annoying me - the trackpad!

The trackpad is definately not the same quality as the MacBook Pro I was used to, but I could cope as the main features are there. However, I often move around a lot going from meeting to meeting, making use of the sleep/suspend capability.

That was when the trouble started…

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Cisco Meraki Client VPN on Ubuntu 19.04

Photo of Meraki MX84 Meraki Firewall from Cisco Meraki website

With my beloved, and worn, day to day laptop having to go in for repair, I had to setup a temporary laptop to work on for a few weeks.

At work we use Cisco Meraki devices in many places, including the edge of network for our various offices. Whilst their main use is to form a mesh network around our offices and server infrastructure, we also use them to enable a lightweight Client VPN solution.

The Cisco Meraki Client VPN option provides a L2TP/IPsec based VPN using either its own internal user store, an LDAP Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, or a Radius server to authenticate users.

Cisco Meraki provide great instructions for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, but really old instructions for Linux. Therefore, I am posting this as much to remind me the next time I need to set it up as to help others.

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